Stretching Furniture From Artmebeli

Art Deco and Retro period had laid a new era for furniture making. This new style had been inspired by an innovative furniture designer called Peter Sebestyer. He believed that traditional furniture should always be re-thought and reinvented, to make it contemporary, fresh, bold, and modern. And so he did, creating some of the most unique and extraordinary furniture that has shaped and influenced the style of Kiev city for years.

ᐈ Перетяжка и ремонт мягкой мебели в Киеве ᐈ Цены от производителя

Some of his pieces are still standing and you can find them among the private collections of collectors all over the world. Some of his pieces were so impressive that they won awards at international exhibitions. His architecture was so original and extraordinary that his designs earned him a lot of accolades and honour. And so he retired from his highly successful career. However, he retained his ownership of his architecture and design, as well as his vast collection of antique and vintage furniture.

Peter Sebestyer was born in Ukraine. As a child he was inspired by the works of his grandmother and grandfather, both of whom lived during the reign of Catherine the Great, who was famous for her concave figure and her extensive collection of antique furniture. Later in life, he became interested and worked on several design projects, including one of the largest retro-modern residential projects ever planned. His large scale plan was to re-model most of the buildings in Kiev (nowadays known as the Maidan Nevea), by removing the Medieval elements and substituting them with chic, ultra-modernist furniture.

It was while he was carrying this vast project out that he came across the term “STRETCH” which is a word that is actually a contraction of the words “rectify” and “retro-modern”. This large scale project, undertaken by several artists, would require massive proportions of machinery and a large workforce. One of the pieces that suffered the greatest damage during this refurbishment process was the monumental Cathedrals of Khmelnitska, some of which only had the original structure. After the removal of the Gothic additions, the cathedrals were totally rebuilt using modern equipment and techniques.

Although many of the pieces of furniture and art have undergone restoration, many have never been fully restored. The Stretching Furniture from Artmebeli was originally designed by one of the masters of Russian art, along with several other famous Russian artists. The pieces are very unique in their style and the way in which they were designed. Some of the other popular types of Stretching Furniture from Artmebeli include:

The pieces are made from a combination of wood, glass, and metal. Most of the Stretching Furniture from Artmebeli are made from original pieces that were destroyed during the Revolution. The stretching process was originally done to support the wooden casters used on the chairs, but later it became a decorative process as well. The original designs are almost completely preserved, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase Stretching Furniture from Artmebeli that has not been used for a very long time.

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